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Check out one of our latest projects – an interior commercial remodel for Forest Hill Real Estate. An inspired space incorporating on-brand elements, unique organizational solutions & a multi-function design. Interested in learning how we can add order and style to your home or office? Contact us! 

Builder-grade closest – we’ve all had them AND we all know they provide BASIC organization and design features. New rule: be done with these for good! Regardless of the size of the home you have, storage spaces need to be optimized for ultimate usage and they need to be aesthetically pleasing. Why you ask? Because then you will want to use them to their full potential and actually enjoy it! Isn’t that what life is all about?! Check out this master closet we completed that created this exact experience for our clients!.

3 words: Laundry Room Love. We all have them but often these essential spaces are not given the proper planning and attention to function and detail that they deserve. In this space, we took a farmhouse laundry room and recreated it for function and style. The result? Laundry now gets done every day because it’s enjoyable – we kid you not. These folks no longer dread doing this never-ending task and embrace it! So we ask, do you HATE doing laundry as your space screams chaos right now? Call us and we will change that. Before you know it, going to the laundry room will become your favourite to-do as well.

Are you considering a basement overhaul but don’t know where to start or even what the potential of this space could be? This is where we come in. We will show you what your basement could be and how it can serve you. This is exactly what we did for this project. By creating a multi-function, orderly escape where small businesses owners can thrive during the day and their children and overnight guests can relax and connect during the evening and weekends, this basement now serves as a valuable resource for this family. Oh and the laundry room? Yeah, that’s a gem now too.

So we get it: you’ve put attention into many other places in your home but your master bedroom has been ignored. Although we understand why this has happened, we don’t like it. Leading such a busy and demanding lifestyle, you DESERVE to retire to an oasis that you are proud of and brings you peace and relaxation. Check out how we did this for these clients (and yes, they now wish they did this years ago…).

Condo living, regardless of square footage, can be so tastefully decorated and functional! We often hear from folks that they struggle with making the most sense of their square footage and because of this, do not even know where to begin with making it feel like home through decorating. This is when it is time to call Interiors in Order Inc: we take your space from where it is now and transform it into a home that not only serves you from a productivity standpoint but also from a design perspective. Win/win! Contact us today to get your consultation scheduled. 416-899-4243 or

Luxury Living; it goes well beyond fine cabinetry and china. It extends to each element of your life, including inside your kitchen cabinets and pantry. Luxury is only done halfway when there is no attention paid to how the interiors function. This is where we come in: we understand exactly what needs to be done to have you living lavishly on the outside AND inside of your storage space and we do this through our fully customized professional organization and space planning services.  Take a moment and check out how these services made this luxury kitchen shine on the inside and out. Contact us today to get your consultation scheduled. 416-899-4243 or

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“Kristy and her associate did a fantastic job organizing my space. They helped me getting rid of stuff that I’ve been holding on for bad reasons. They organized the contents kept nicely in the storage area. They were super-efficient. In only 3 hours, they gave me a clutter-free kitchen. Kristy is very knowledgeable. She taught me how to put stuff in the right spot, so I can continue to maintain the neat space that she created. She guided me through the entire process, gave me recommendation and provided a clear step-by-step instructions. I’m so glad to do this project with Kristy and her team. She made my home so spacious and enjoyable after removing all the clutter.” — Katrina

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“Kristy Lee Bailey is absolutely amazing! She walked in to my business and immediately saw 100 ways to not only organize but to make it more time and energy efficient, at the same time she created a stunning design decor that everyone just loves. If you want a friendly, confident, professional, confidential, and extremely talented experienced team working for you you must call Kristy!! For everything they do the price is phenomenal and you can be involved as much or as little as you would like. As you can see I can’t say enough wonderful things about this business, the team, or Kristy! Thank you for giving me a fabulous office, one that I’m excited to enter and come in to be inspired! Keep up the incredible work.” — Lyndsey

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“I hired Kristy to renovate my three room office space in Yorkville. We’re a therapists office, and had several requests when it came to noise-proofing and creating a comfortable yet stylish environment. Every client that’s walked through our door has complimented our new space–from the overall feeling of calm the space creates, to the small, meaningful details in the finishes. Kristy was a pleasure to work with, and always quick to return my calls or answer my questions. I can’t recommend her talent enough. Thanks, Kristy, for giving our clinic a design to meets our passion.” — Megan

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“We were in dire need of organizing three homes that filled an entire room, floor to ceiling. Kristy and her team came in to rescue the situation. Everything is exactly how I always wanted to make it but couldn’t find the time and it was too personal and emotional to be able to do it as quickly as they were able to. The room is amazing but the work done in preparing all the boxes (and many less than we had), purging and donating to Value Village was beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I can’t wait for the next project once we move to our new home in July.” — Patti

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“Last year I went searching for someone who could bring a vision to life and provide organization along the way. Kristy fit that bill perfectly! She’s been flexible and accommodating as the plan had changed early on and projects were added/removed. So far, our front closet is 100% more efficient and our front room will soon be the perfect reading space with options to become a playroom. I can’t wait to see the final products and find more space to improve!” — Ashley

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“Kristy and her team do incredible work. We had a full home reorganization and are very happy with the results. We gained so much space we didn’t know we had. Everything has a place now and even my 4 year old is able to keep things in their home. Our house finally feels like a home and one of which I can be proud. I will definitely work with her in the future.” — Trisha

“Always a pleasure to work with positive people like Kristy! Her professionalism is fantastic and she really cares about the client. We highly recommend using the Interiors In Order team for any interior design and organization projects. Why settle for less, when you can hire the right people to get the job done!” — Joey

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